Voltly so far.

For many years I had this idea niggling away at me. One that always felt ambitious and something I always wished existed. What if there is a better way to share and unlock the knowledge and ideas in Podcasts and Articles? Over the years, I had this idea brewing in the background. I found that the most engaging and interesting coversations, I was having referenced things mentioned in Podcasts or Articles. The nature of such long-format content allows for others perspectives, thoughts and knowledge to be, expanded upon in a more meaningful and explicit manner. I wanted to build a platform where people could learn, share and discuss the knowledge and ideas with everyone.

Success for Voltly is creating a platform that is engaging and enriching. Voltly in many ways, is a learning platform. Our focus is on enabling people to learn from one another.

It’s about to turn to a new year (2020). I had lost my job, we were weeks away from losing our apartment, my mother got diagnosed with cancer, and COVID was about to shake the world and lock everything down. To say things were difficult was an understatement, as they were for many people around the world. One night at the beginning of Lockdown, I thought “F*ck it” and registered getvoltly.com. I started researching how this idea would work? Do people want something like this? Does something like this exist already? I spent months researching and shaping what Voltly would look like.

Since then the product has been through a myriad of iterations and I’ve been building night and day while also working to pay my mortage. I’ve been the designer, engineer, marketer and nearly every other job you can name in a typical tech company. I started to raise a pre-seed and then last minute, decided it wasn’t the right move. It has been a crazy ride so far! We’ve come a long way but we still have alot more work to do … We’re now starting to onboard our first users onto the beta, so we can continue evolving it into a product people want to use. You can sign up for the beta to secure your username at www.getvoltly.com.

The vision is to build a company with learning and curiosity at it's root. Volty is for the people that are curious. The people that are passionate about a topic or interest. The people that want to learn and grow. The people, that want to hear new ideas and perspectives about the world. Voltly is for these people. Voltly is the social app that helps you unlock knowledge and ideas with podcasts and articles and share it with your tribe.

If you are one of the curious, then sign up here to be one of the first to try the platform and reserve your username. :)

I also want to add that i’ve been blessed to have a network around me that has helped me wherever they can along the way and i’m internally grateful for all their support. :)

Much Love,


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